Used Latin and smooth dresses for sale (4 dresses)


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That red and black one is HOT! It's too bad my partner will absolutely kill me if I buy anything else in red or black.

Good luck with selling your gowns! :)


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The red and black one looks almost EXACTLY like the one I have....well, straighter-cut fringe skirt on this one. Different stoning and appliques, that's really all.

Do you have better pictures of the pink one? Including a shot of the back?
Thanks for your replies!

Here are a couple of pics of the pink dress.

Some more for the black and red. I bought this dress about a year ago and wore it twice. It's in an excellent condition. The problem is I have a peculiar body type (fairly tall and thin (5' 6" and 120 lbs) with a big frame (i.e., wide shoulders), so it's kinda tight around the shoulders. (Probably you can tell from the picture.) It's a Dore Designs dress and I like it except that it's a bit tight aound the neck and shoulders for me.


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