Victor and Anastasia win Blackpool


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Isn't stomach flu something that the pros are aware of and know how to avoid? Washing their hands, not eating rotten food, things like that.
I got sick once from eating vegetables that were not handled in the most sanitary way before being served. This was at a restaurant I had been eating at every day for several months leading up to that time, and one of my regular orders for that matter. So it wasn't a strange meal or a new place, and I still went down pretty bad.

I can totally see how something like a stomach flu could sneak up on you even when you're super careful.
I spoke with Victor's parents last night and they were so happy too! :) The father told me how he had been shooting for this goal since he was 9 years old, and his whole life was focused on this achievement especially. And his mother came over and mentioned how he was the first American born person to win Blackpool, emphasizing how in many ways he did it here in the US from our system, and also how he is the first Chinese or Asian person to win.

She also mentioned how 5 years ago Blackpool had a large surge in Italians, and now it is Chinese who are increasing in their numbers at Blackpool. It will be interesting see in the years ahead if the Chinese make an increasing contribution to ballroom dancing, and are more recognized on the World stage.

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