Victor and Hanna Show


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I agree, I'd never even seen any performances in the style before Victor and Hanna began to compete together in Exhibition, and have to admit that I only take an interest in it because of them.

I do think a lot of people expect to see something entirely different when it comes to Exhibition, and many don't actually understand what it's all about. A lot of the general public over here complained that there were too many lifts in the routine . . . but that's the style of dance for you.

It's so true that nobody does it better than they do.

And yes, I did make that second video. Nothing like a bit of experimenting on the computer!
Oh Sweet Baby Jesus! They have to be the two most incredibly beautiful and smokin' people on Earth. I've always been a fan of Hannah's, and together they are sizzling. God, what I'd give for an hour with that man. . .
This is more of a acrobatic exhibition than a ballroom dance venue. It's not bad, but it pales in comparison to the asian couple where the girls did pointe on top of the guy's head IMO. And I also liked Max and Cheryll's routine to this same song more than I liked this routine, not to say that this couple is bad...


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very powerful. actually... amazing.

if hannah eats an ice cream cone, does victor notice, i wonder? the way he flings her about... holy cow. looks like she ways 90 lbs soaking wet...


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I am like, literally three times the size of her. When I look in the mirror and she's stood next to me, I feel positively obese.


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I'm not a big fan of theatre arts (really, I think they should all go buy a good pair of ice skates) - but there's no denying that they're really really good at what they do.

I also think that as skinny as she is, she'd look a lot more feminine in a skirt.

All just personal opinion, though. They're both obviously amazing dancers.
No kidding. She really does look completely different from when she was dancing with Paul K. I'm not at all familiar with exhibition/showdance competitions. Are the women expected to be very slim? Hanna looks more like a rhythmic gymnast or a contortionist now.
I agree. She comes off more like a rhythmic gymnast or contortionist. Maybe Cicus Solei (dont know to spell it). And I dont say that in an insulting way its just the routines she does now are great but dont feel dancesportish anymore


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They performed again at the semi final of the most recent season, luckily enough this time I had a ticket to be there to watch live in the studio!


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