Video on body(-parts) movement like shaking, rolling, ...?

I think one of the most wonderful and difficult aspects of dancing (salsa) and what we most admire seeing others doing it well are all the "strange" things you can do with your body like rolling your shoulders or hips or shaking them or even making them "tremble" like some samba dancers do.

A detailed theoretical description of "shaking" is given in this topic:

For me, one of the stiffer sort of dancers, it'd be necessary to have a picture of how it should be done the right way, or what is often more important, how it should NOT be done.

That's why i wonder if there is any good instructional video with all such stuff.



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Cool reference brujo. :D I wonder if there's a way to create a listing of the books and videos that have been recommended on this site, all in one place. Hmm. There have been a lot of good sugestions made, especially in the salsa forum. They're just buried in other threads. Let me think on that a while. :? :D


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