Vintage "Soul Alive" circa 1978

Phil Owl

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I'll bet some tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) folks would remember this show:

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Phil Owl

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Another one just came up, more great dancing and Cissy Houston to boot"

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Ah..those were the days!! Not that I was necessarily old enough to really enjoy them though...I got into disco when it was already on it's way out...probably around 1977 was when I first heard that music...and I was just 14 at the time....too young for the clubs. But oh, I can remember having the radio on, and dancing up a storm all by myself in my bedroom, and getting so EXCITED by the music!

And then when I went to high school, and over the next year or two, I'd hear the "cool kids" (the ones who had lenient parents who didn't really monitor their activities....) talking about these clubs they went to ...and they sounded so magical...but I could never go.

When I finally went to my first disco, I was probably about 16 and somehow my sister and I snuck in a few times. One night I remember Sylvester performed! And in retrospect, what a treat that was...that I can now say that one time I saw Sylvester performing in a disco!


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