Volunteering question - pen pal?

I have been trying to google some sort of international pen pal program but keep getting 1) letter writing campaign pages or 2) international dating services.

I would like to have an email correspondence with another woman in a developing country (would love South America but wouldn't be picky) ... How the heck do I go about finding this? I usually can google ANYTHING but this has stumped me.



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I would try contacting the Spanish department at the nearest university. I would imagine that either the professors or students know people through their travels.
Yah, the google thing didn't work very well -- it was all porn or international matchmaking services! hehe! Terrible.

Verrronika: I'm in Washington state.



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Hey mellody43,

I used to participate in something called the penpal project, several years ago, and had a female penpal from Dominican Republic. I just looked up "penpal project" and couldn't find any reference to the old project I was in. By the way, my penpal dumped me after about a year, when she got married. Said she'd be too busy taking care of her husband and babies. Isn't it strange how cultures are different?

I do, however, have contacts in a few countries -- Spain, England, a few African countries, and maybe Dominican Republic or Costa Rica. exactly what are you looking for? I may be able to help you find someone. My best contacts are in Africa, where I know a couple fairly high-placed goverment officials, including a lawyer who's a delegate to various international women's groups. And she owes me a favor.

What exactly are you looking for? Send me a PM, okay? Maybe I can help.


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