Vote for us? If you want.


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Well I'm really not sure what is, but they keep sending me messages about our old youtube video being picked for their competition, and now it's part of a top ten something.

If you get bored, will you vote for us? :)

I don't know it works. You might have to register. If so, that sounds like a pain. :(

We look all squashy unless you adjust the screen size directly from youtube.

I feel sort of odd about this. This was filmed about a year ago, and I've improved so much since then. I should upload another video soon... hopefully not a squashy one. I just put it up on youtube and sort of forgot about it. It's great to go back and watch, since I feel like I've improved. I feel a sense of accomplishment!
I know next to nothing about AT and I'm afraid I lack the patience to register (sorry) but I really like the video a lot. Thanks for sharing it with us!


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Aw, thank you. :D

Well I really don't understand this thing, but we've been "promoted" in some fashion. The message said:

"WeShow is honored to announce that this video has been voted by users and is one of the finalists of WeShow Awards UK Edition, the biggest online video competition in the United Kingdom. Your video was voted and promoted from channel DANCING/ FOLK AND TRADITIONAL DANCING to DANCING. Now it´s ONE OF THE TOP TEN BEST OF THE MONTH in the UK. The voting process ends on sunday, July 29th, and the results are going to be released on monday, July 30th."

I'm really not sure what this is, but I guess it must be pretty expansive - our video now has um, over 18,000 views?

I think I'm going to e-mail my friends and ask them to vote. Doesn't hurt I suppose?

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