Wanted: Quality, affordable Rhythm and Smooth dress approx sz 12-16

Hi All,
Does anyone have either a nice rhyhm/latin or smooth dress that is around a 12-16 size? This would be for the novice/pre-champ level. There seems to be nothing of this size out there in the market... :-/ Let me know if you have or find something!
Thanks :D
are you guys looking to rent or purchase?...and by when do you need them?
I need one of each to purchase, but would be open to renting if the price was right I suppose. But I'd rather just put my money towards a purchase.
I have a small comp Feb 7 that I'd like to be able to find some dresses for, but if I don't I'm still looking for upcoming ones after that.


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not having mastered my new scanner yet, I have re-posted two poor shots of my two smooth/std dresses that will be available for sale in march


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I have one coming my way, danceislove. The pictures are not the best, but will give you a general idea. This dress was designed by Julia Gorchakova.

Now I haven't placed my hands on it yet, so it might need some work, but even though the pictures are not the best, I believe the dress will be good.

I bought this with a few of our students in mind. They had expressed interest in competition wear for future exhibitions, but what I wear was too small to offer to them. They do not have any immediate events coming up, so I could let this one go to you and have time to find another gown for them to fight over. ;) (Or, we could discuss rental. It's your call!)

Anyway, let me know if you are interested! The dress is hot red lycra with Swarovski, and the bottom finishes in fringe.


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I should also have a smooth coming my way from the same dancer, and it also was designed by Julia Gorchakova. I can't find the pictures right now. I'll get them to you. :)

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