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Hi there. If you've been reading these boards you already know me so I won't go into details. Suffice to say that I'm looking for a partner for Standard competition. I'm not picky except for height: guys who are too tall make my back hurt, and guys who are too short make my knees hurt. So, you should be between 5'8" and 5'11". PM me if you'd like to talk.


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In the middle of last November, while we were on the warm-up floor for a competition, he ripped a muscle in his leg. I took him to the emergency room (him still in his tails, in fact), and they determined there that he tore his plantaris muscle. This is a finger-length muscle in the back of the calf/knee that connects to the long thin plantaris tendon that attaches to the foot. The doctor there said he'd be back on the floor in two weeks.

He then went to his regular doctor, who confirmed the diagnoses and said he should be on crutches for two weeks, but that it could take up to six months to heal. He stayed on crutches for two weeks, and we took a total of six weeks off. He felt fine, so we tried practicing again the first week in January. We kept it simple, and danced for just half an hour. The practice was great, so we tried again a couple of days later. Again, it was great, and we danced for just half an hour. At the end of that time he said his leg felt fine so could we dance for another ten minutes. I said okay, but only ten minutes. Two minutes later, he felt the muscle tear again.

So then we decided to hold off dancing until March 1st. After a few weeks, he felt fine again, and his doctor okayed him to go to Pilates to start rehab. This went well, and K. really was missing dancing so he suggested we start going to a beginning ballet class. The first few classes were great, but then a little over a week ago things went bad again. We were learning some simple jumps -- little saultee's, and ballet-style chasse's. I wanted to run over to him and say "are you sure you should be jumping" but I'm not his mother and figured he'd be prudent. I was so wrong -- he did the jumps and on the very last combination of the night he crumpled to the floor. He felt the muscle tear yet again. The next day he was on crutches.

He went back to his regular doctor, who gave him a referral to an orthopedist. He saw to the orthopedist yesterday, who said that K. had a partial tear of the gastrocnemius -- that's the big muscle in the calf -- and this is much more serious than a plantaris tear. It will be at least another month before they will even make an evaluation as to when he can dance again.

So, yesterday K. told me all this, and told me that I should go look for another partner because he can't promise he'll be ready in time to do any of the Regionals before Nationals. I really wanted to dance in Nationals this year, since it was in San Jose. I missed my chance the last time it was in San Jose because I was between partners, and here I am years later in the same situation. I'm so frustrated -- K. has had a lot of injuries since last June -- back, shoulder, back again, then leg. I would like to find out how far I can go in dancesport, to learn what I have in me, but without a partner it is impossible. I've even toyed with the idea of doing Pro/Am again, but frankly it's just not for me anymore. I simply cannot justify the money it takes to do Pro/Am. I am, however, taking singles private lessons again, along with a very high-level technique class. And then there's the cross-training I do what with Feldenkrais, ballet, and Pilates. I actually thought briefly that I was ready to just quit it all -- but then I watched a tape of last year's Ohio Star Ball and I broke down crying because I realized how much I get out of competing and how much I'd miss it. I know I have a lot to offer as a dance partner, but if there's no one out there to dance with, then what will I do?

At this point there's nothing for me to do but move forward and see what happens.
Wow, Laura. That's a really moving story ... good luck with the partner search. I wish you the best. You really deserve a partner and I hope all goes well from now on ... :) Keep your hopes up and don't give up! Hopefully you'll be back on the dance floor in no time!


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Thanks for the support everyone. I really appreciate it.

I feel bad for K. too...he came back to dancing after a 22 year absence. Then, after dancing about a year and a half, he and I hooked up. We were together for a few months, and then he had to take a year off for knee surgery and recovery. I waited for him through that, and after he came back we danced for 14 months until this latest thing. He loves dancing but his body just hasn't been able to hack it. It is beyond disappointing for him.
That's true - very gracious of K to be fair to you about the news and nudge you forward even when it means he's losing an awesome partner - heartbreaking and commendable at the same time. Good luck to him and best wishes for a speedy and painless recovery.


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I wanted to add my wishes, too. I hope you will find a partner and be on the competition floor soon, maybe with/against us.

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