Watching Yourself Dance to Improve: Part Deux


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Four months ago, I posted a video of my partner and I dancing to a song and asked for feedback. (Apparently, I can't post a link until I have 10 posts. Just search "Watching Yourself Dance to Improve if you want to see the first video and the responses.)

The responses were really great, and I've been working a lot on what was said. So, I thought I'd post a follow up video of four month's progress. Here is my partner and I dancing to "El Adios" performed by Ojos de Tango (video now in landscape mode!):

The dance was completely improvised, though we were familiar with the song.

Things I think we improved on:
  • Posture seems way better
  • Legs straighter, but still not perfect
  • Embrace more closed. I didn't realize how much space was between us until comparing the two
  • Less split weight, more collection
  • Less random gaunchos!
Things that didn't get better:
  • Still dipping a good bit when I walk. Need to smooth out my dance, when I start walking especially
  • Picked up a weird habit: donkey-kicking my foot sometimes. Gotta watch that.
  • Didn't dance to this song as musically as Inspiracion. I felt like I should've been dancing more staccato, and nailing at least a few more of the syncopas.
As always, my partner and I appreciate constructive feedback. As was mentioned in the last post, I've seen things like this get very harsh and negative. It's great to be part of an online community that doesn't go down that path.

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