WCS Convention Music

I was at this same event with Generalist and though I had a great time I agree about the music selections, much of which I did not care for. Would like to see a more even mix, but guess many DJ's and organizers want to go along with current musical trends.
I don't think they care about trends that much. They are lazy, and just play what their lists say is the pop music.

We have a local station that play way better contemporary dance music: 104.7. It wouldn't bother me if they fired the DJs and just played the radio station.
I suspect the convention relied on local DJs that worked for free. It used to be that conventions used professional DJs, but of course that costs money. Why not give the crowd they crap they deserve?
I haven't traveled to out of town conventions so I may be unqualified to generalize (for the first time) but the ones I have been to that had pro DJs were no better. All the DJs are being instructed to play contemporary "thump thump" or lyrical acoustic.


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Yes, the Pro DJs at conventions are playing mostly contemporary or lyrical. I've been to dances (not conventions) where DJs have played almost entirely blues. I wish the DJs would mix it up. And, throw in some smooth jazz too.

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