WCS Dancer Headcount


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14. Love, love, love WCS!

BTW, Michael Kielbasa is awesome. I've danced with him socially twice so far and both times it was smooth like butta'!


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Count me in as another one--I guess that makes me 15 or 16.

I suck at it, and can't decide if I love it or hate it, but I can dance it.

Vince A

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16. Love it, but can barely do it. :?
You do fine . . . hey, the offer still stands for a weekend of swapping private lessons . . . WCS for Salsa . . . anytime, any weekend!

My dancing has taken on a totally new perspective since I'd started dancing with Katie Boyle. I feel like a rookie, but just hink how I'll be by this time next year!!!!
As in a "competition?"

Great . . . good luck to ya! Let us know how it went - not your score or placement - just how "you think you did!!!"
Nope! Not a competition. I'll be dancing some ECS and WCS for a fundraiser. The proceeds will be going to the United Way.
20 I love WC Swing. I don't get as much practice as I would like because I'm a dance generalist and I love them all. I have to travel to the big cities **cough cough** of Portland and Eugene to dance with the better dancers. But fun, fun, fun...

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