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I tried finding a thread that addresses this already, but i was unable to find one...

Hoping someone can recommend WCS classes in/near either Westchester, NY (where i live) or northern NJ (where i work, specifically Clifton). I emphasize classes because all the threads/info i have found so far only leads me to social parties.

I am a ballroom rhythm dancer, but wanting to branch out a little.



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TD, if you don't get an answer here I'd go to this site. It's for NYC, but if you contact them they should be able to tell you about anything in your area and Jersey.

Glad to know of your interest in WCS; exciting dance once you get it down.

Also try www.strictlywestie.com. They run classes before their socials, and you could try posting to their forum. Very friendly crowd.

I believe Hazel Ulrich used to teach class in northern NJ, but she only teaches privates now. She and her husband Tybaldt live in NJ and their website is divinedancing dot com.


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Ok, so i looked up Hazel and Tybalt, but unfortunately they teach about an hour away in the opposite direction as my commute home from NJ. :( I will look at the other options..


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I thought I created a thread inquiring about this a while back but it may have gotten lost in the last upgrade since I have exhausted my search function in looking for it...

I am taking a break from ballroom dancing. I'd like to now study some WCS but I don't know where there is any good instruction (i.e. not ballroom-taught WCS) in my area. I live in southern Westchester, NY and work in Clifton, NJ. Ideally, I'd like to take group classes, attend parties, and maybe take some workshops here and there once I can keep up. Does anybody have any suggestions? I am sure there must be places in the city, but I prefer to avoid commuting there if there is an alternative. I actually prefer commuting to Long Island or CT over going to Manhattan.

Thanks in advance!

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WCS in NYC goooooooooooooooooooooooooood luck

I danced at a social at dance times square ( was in NYC for a meeting) asked a lady to dance who knew WCS .. she was ready to marry me.:eek: LLOOLL

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From what I can gather John Lindo is based in NYC, he's definitely a part of the "real" WCS community. There are some events and classes and stuff mentioned on this website

http:// johnlindo . com/JohnLindo.com/Dance_Event.html

ETA: I'm not a WCS dancer and I don't live in the NYC area


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John Lindo, Tybalt and Hazel Urlich, Andrew DeAngelo all teach WCS in various Manhattan and NJ locations
For CT, Eric and Anna Novoa
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