WCS Tap Step vs. Triple Step

Asking a very basic question, what are the differences in the rules between the swing and country groups?
UCWDC Country Competition requires you to follow the 8-10-12 rule (the rule may have changed a bit in the last few years), which basically means you can only deviate from 6 or 8 count pattern moves for 8 beats of music before restarting a 6 or 8 count pattern...any syncopations, hitting breaks, musical interpretation doen where the feet are effected all are deviations. Because the focus on staying in the 6 and 8 count patterns for all but small clips, Country has created a rep for having very advanced patterns featuring a lot of spins, ducks, flatbacks, and such.

Swing is basic only limited by the music danced to, often the only other rule is that 50% of it has to be considered WCS.

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