WDC European Championship Pro-Latin

Michael and Joanna win fifth European Championship!

results from Bonn, Germany...November 19, 2011

1. Michael and Joanna (England)
2. Sergey and Melia (Russia)
3. Andrej and Melinda (Slovenia)
4. Justinas and Anna (Lithuania)
5. Markus and Ksenia (Germany)
6. Emanuele Soldi and Elisa Nasato (Italy)

video available on YouTube, I thought someone would have already posted this

youtube [dot] com/watch?v=AJZDwo_BZyc
Micheal and Joanna look decent in the win, not much positive you can say after that, Andrej and Melinda are nice, passable without being spectacular, Ksenia looks great but is under matched for her talent, the Italians have an Amateur vibe about them, Sergey and Melia, as usual WTH? what the heck are they doing? crazy, can't understand why they even make a final...and Justinas is still throwing himself over all the place without much care, thought, control, elegance, or technique...just my take ;)

maybe someone knows why Stefano & Olga weren't there?

in interviews Michael and Joanna explain why they were able to dance for England and defend their title (without sitting out for the change of country representation)

Andrej and Melinda took some marks off Sergey and Melia (some marks?)

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