We are going to help someone (please read)

I have actually done this a few times in my life now. A number of years ago I taught a young man and his wife how to do a small task on the Internet. At the time he was making less then $100 per month, and this was typical for the place he lived. His life was tough but in the years that followed not only did he achieve success but went on to put another 600 people from his village to work as well. a couple of years ago I had the honor the meeting him in San Francisco. He had done so much for himself and the people around him. It all started with helping him get started in the first place.

I provided this first story because I want to illustrate that it is possible to help people and transform lives. Mostly it is not about the money but about helping them to understand how they can do something that would be worthwhile.

Over the last month I have been working through some candidates, and I have decided to I'd like to help next. I'm hoping that you will help me, and not necessarily with money. But let me explain a little more...

Her name is Haddy. She is 20 years old, her native language is English, and she lives in The Gambia. She is smart but only recently has she had access to the Internet. There is a cafe near her home and she is able to go there a few times per week, but she has to pay to use the service.

While she is not starving, what she has to go through in her life is far removed from what we know in ours. For example, she had to borrow some food from a neighbor after running out for more than a day. In her country the average person makes less than $5.00 per day. To be able to work just one hour per day and make $5 would be incredible. And I'm sure with this first success some others from her village could also do the same.

First steps...

Ability to work and receive money: I am currently training her to create a profile on an outsourcing website. Very soon she will be available for hire.

Enhancing her profile: I am hoping that some of you might be willing to have a look at her profile, and maybe talk to her on Facebook, and help her have a killer profile so that people will want to hire her!

Internet cafe: first let me say that our goal is not to give money for nothing. She wants to work and prefers to be paid only for work done. That said, it would be great if we had a couple of people who could donate somewhere between $5 and $20 so that she can be assured that she can go to the cafe as often as is necessary. In other words we will pay for her first month at the cafe or something like that.

Small tasks: if you can think of anything that might help you ... internet research, or data entry, typing, helping you send out some marketing emails... That would be wonderful! any amount from $3 to $5 per hour would be amazingly awesome for her. If you wanted to pay more that would be fine but main thing is she is ready to work. I will say that you might need to spend a little time training her on the task you assign so be prepared for that. If it ends up being something she can do for a long time then of course it will be worth your time getting her started as well. Initially, I will make sure the money reaches her.

Donation to Dance Forums: I could also find some small tasks for her to do here on dance forums. For example, we could ask her to help us assemble competition results from recent competitions to publish them on a thread. It has to be simple at first, but maybe you have some ideas too. And if you would be willing to make a donation (at least $30), I would be willing to do a little help with the training (all money goes to her of course). And if you'd like to make a friend and help you could do that too.

Soon I will have some more information about her including her picture. I hope that at least a few people might find this idea interesting, and maybe you will also feel that it is something where you can directly make a difference in someone's life for the better.

Well, that's all I can think to say for now, and in my heart I hope that this idea will be an enormous success. I've done this before and it would be so great if some others will join me in this worthwhile endeavor.
I asked Haddy to explain a little bit about how she earns a living now (answer 1), as well as what the people around her do (answer 2), and about her skills on the computer (answer 3). You can read below. 150 GMB is about $3.50 US.

"My name is Haddy Gaye and i live with my two elder brothers and two sisters with our single Mother, sadly lost our Father at a very early age. I am the Third born of my Family and i was a student before but sadly end up dropping out from school due to Financial problems that we face at home. I am Good at anything i put my mind on and i achieve things worthy.

Answer1: I make money through going to the bush and collect fruits and take them to the local market for sales and i sell one Mango and Orange for 10GMD and per day sometimes i sell 10 mangoes and 5 Orange and sometimes i get lucky and sell all.so in a day day i can earn 150GMD and 4000GMD monthly sale but sometimes it decreases and i don't score much from my sale due to the type of Market structure we have here.

Answer 2: Yes you are right here in the Gambia, people make less than 200$ per month due to the types of Job we engage in. Here, mostly people here do engage in Physical work to make a living but going to the Forest and fetch for Woods and gather them and take them to sale at the local market and also through fruit selling like i do. Sometimes in a day they can make up to 200GMD and in a month they can make 5000GMD after completing the whole month selling woods.

Answer 3: Well for me i do not learn the computer. It is just a natural feeling to me and i am able to understand it without the help of others,just like self taught,i am fast in typing,i can do a lot on the keyboard.I can Type in Microsoft Word and make out a plan and do printing and do a work plan there,just to finalize all,i am Good in Computer and i know all the Basic steps towards operating a Computer.

Here are my Feedback and what next do you want to know?"

There are times when I think about how my life has many challenges, it is also worth considering how much for which I have to be thankful. But in comparison think how many days we would spend picking mangoes and selling them at the market, just to be able to buy a private lesson or a pair of dance shoes.

This is Haddy

30 minutes costs 15GMD ($0.35) and for 1hr costs 30GMD ($0.70). Right now I am helping her complete her profile on upwork.com (formerly odesk.com), and I should have her setup soon to complete the first tasks and get paid, and also be seen by other prospective employers.
I'd be willing to donate a few bucks to get her online and take a look at her profile after you get it up.
This is great! I have one other person that sent me a private message that may help too. Yes, indeed the first step in making sure she has ample time in the cafe. Then we will be using upwork.com. It actually takes screenshots of her computer every few minutes. This keeps everything transparent, and also allows us to help her get going.

Currently, she is working through getting a profile setup on upwork.com, never having done this before. So main goals:
  1. Make sure she can use the cafe
  2. Help her finish the setup on upwork.
Hoping she will finish the upwork profile so we can pay her through that site (which I have used for years and pay programmers this way as well as monitor their work).


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Love her smile! I'd love to send some work her way, but having trouble coming up with suitable tasks. Any other ideas of kinds of things she'd be able to accomplish with this set-up?
Love her smile! I'd love to send some work her way, but having trouble coming up with suitable tasks. Any other ideas of kinds of things she'd be able to accomplish with this set-up?
I'm going to be teaching her how to do things, and more to come on that. If you can a small donation is appreciated, even $5 on paypal is a day's work. I will be working hard to make sure she gets ready for real work as soon as possible, and I have done this before! :)
Just a small update that Haddy and her brother (who had an ID but Haddy does not) have received a small payment that will be used so they can start working in the internet cafe. They will soon have a story with pictures that I will be sharing.
Just wanted to keep this one updated....

So far they now have an account setup on Upwork, and they have a Payoneer credit card being shipped. They also received their first money via MoneyGram so they have a few hours on the computer. As soon as they have the Payoneer credit card, I will be allowing them to work for me on Upwork, so they will have a small work history, and then I'm hoping a couple of your will help them with their profile on upwork.
In the coming days, I will be helping him to improve the above document. It won't be me doing it. It will be him. These are the notes I have given him so far. Hopefully Haddy will be able to do the same soon too.

Corrections to About Me

  1. You should not use ALL CAPS for the title of your document. It should be “About Me”, not “ABOUT ME”

  2. When saying “I” it should always be capitalized. It is never correct to say “when i was 3”. Please fix all such instances.

  3. There are many cases where you used a comma when you should have used a period to end the sentence. We might have to discuss this more later, but read this and see if you can make some improvements. For example, your first sentences should be something like this: “I am Malick Jaye and I was born in 28th September 1993 in a Town called Brikama. My father’s name is Mustapha Jaye. He has four wives.”

  4. Unless it is the start of a sentence “father” and “mother” are not capitalized. There are other places where you capitalize and should not be capitalized. Examples: police officer not Police Officer, white man, not White man, examination not examination. Names of countries should be capitalized and it was correct to capitalize Germany.

  5. You use “so” as an adverb too often. Ex. “so happy” and “so hard”. It would be better English to say things like very happy, extremely hard, enormously proud, and very impressed. Please go through and improve this.

  6. Also there are no paragraphs. It would be helpful if you could use double spacing between paragraphs, and try to separate a little more clearly. Generally, there are about 4-10 sentences per paragraph.

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