Wedding Proposal, Dance Video?

Hello to all of you who share the beautiful passion of dancing....

I need some help. I am planning to propose to my love one.

She has a passion and love for dance, and I want to integrate
a custom made dance video made for her to complement the
moment and setup.

The problem is, I cant find any specific service or dancers when I
do a search on Google with keywords such as 'custom dance videos
made for you' . All I find is services for custom choreography videos.

Is there any groups or individuals in this forum willing to help me with
this one? Or do you know anyone who does this kind of thing? For a
compensation of course, but are passionate and understand why I do this,
to show her how much I support her in her passion, communicating in
her values.

It will mean tremendously allot to me if anyone could help me with this.

Best wishes to all.....



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I suggest that you go to your local dance studios and explain what you are considering....I think it will be more likely that people who meet you in person will be open and able to help you

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