Well begun is half done - chat thread


You guys, I had my first ballroom private today. Let me tell you, my hips hurt like a mother. Something was popping in and out with all the rhumba walking...

Ive never moved my hips that much in my life.

And somehow someone thinks Ill be competeing in 4 months. BS.


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chandra said:
You guys, Im sitting here, refreshing DF every 5 seconds, hoping someone will have replied!

Pathetic. Just pathetic.
I prefer hopeful.

Yikes. I haven't DF'd much this week, at all. Grr. Work is nuts. And, when I got home at 7:00 PM yesterday, my Mom was sitting on my livingroom sofa, waiting. She'd let herself in the house when she arrived. Hmm. So I'm up early, DFing away. We've gotta get to 240 today. by fair means or foul. :lol:

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