West Coast Dance Challenge??

Did anyone from this forum attend the West Coast Dance Challenge in Redmond, WA. last weekend? If so, I was part of the staff helping Chris and Michelle Small put on the event and would like feedback from a customers perspective. I thought the Pro-Am and Couples attendance was a little lacking, but the J&J Swing and TS had lots of entries at all levels. Of course, I've only been dancing country for less than a year now, so my judgment is suspect. Any comments would be great, positive or negative. We want to make next years event even better.

WCDC Event

I attended and competed in most of the J&J as well as strictly. I enjoyed the event. Having been to a few events in the past I can make the following recommendations to enhance the event.

1. Notify the hotel that there will be a significant increase in their workload and to prepare. At most there were only 2 employees working in the restaurant and it caused for huge delays. I gave up on the Hotel food after waiting 30 minutes to get seen. Thank god there was a Denny's across the street. And the bar closed early…?

2. Green certificates for first place seemed a bit cheap, maybe invest in some small trophy or at least put the certificate on quality paper worth framing.

3. Keep the swing room, it was a hit, perhaps try having a blues room as well next year. Blues dancing is growing and you would draw a whole new dance crowd with a blues room. It worked in Portland!

4. i know this next one might seem far fetched but try to get ahead of schedule, tell competitors that they need to be at least an hour early to their event and if you get ahead, don't play 20 minutes of Social dancing, just get on with it. Most of us have a long drive on a Sunday night to get home and finishing early would be a plus.

5. No group photos of the contestant winners? It would be good for your event history and also the website.

6. The event was on time and well organized. That is hard to find, good job.

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