West Coast Salsa Congress - story in LA Times

By Agustin Gurza, Times Staff Writer

Salsa dancing can be an addiction. Incurable salsaholics openly admit their metabolic need for regular polyrhythmic fixes, lest they start feeling restless. In the worst cases, they go on extended salsa binges, lost weekends of endless dips, spins and spectacular neck-drops they may not remember in the morning.

Thousands of these hopelessly hooked hoofers converged on Los Angeles last week for the biggest dose of salsa dance mania in the free world: the fifth annual West Coast Salsa Congress. They came from as far away as Argentina, Australia and Japan, all for a sleep-deprived five-day marathon of workshops, flashy performances and concerts by first-rate bands.
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Has anyone seen the Latin Madness show that was performed in the
LA Congress...

The show has received tremendous reviews and was just wondering
if anyone here had the opportunity to see it.

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