West Coast Swing Message Board New Name!

At the Saloon last night I counted ten skirts and four or five pros, including one Tatiana. Westies might not favor skirts, but the pros come out to play which is so cool, especially after the ballroom scene!!!
Ah, so upset we didn't meet!!

I wished Tat had danced more, but poor thing learned all of Swango in a day. Was surprized Tami didn't make it out though. And the crowd was great! I hope it stays like that.
I copped out and wore jeans. Pink tee shirt.

Spent a lot of time up front by the lindy-hoppers so I could stare at Tatiana (not a stalker...swear!).
Yea, It was just too cold for my taste when getting ready.

Will you be at Stepping out tonight? I'll be in my standard uniform of jeans and a tee/tank. Will probably get there around 10p.
Nah, already promised I'll go to a housewarming party tonight. I would've soo been there otherwise! Going dancing on Wednesday reminded me how much I love it and how badly I missed it in the six months (!) that I haven't danced at all! :shock:
That just means you need to come out more! We tend to do late night dancing at random bars around town after the Friday monthly dances (Dance Manahattan, Stepping Out, Empire Dance)
I'm usually too pooped to do any more dancing after the dance itself. My Fridays are ridiculously long right now (9am-10pm nonstop), but that's only for two more weeks and then I'm graduating! :banana:


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Cool. Setting up something like that takes a lot of work. I'm sending you a virtual hug for making the commitment and the sacrifice. 8)

Also, tell bunny to forget it. I'm going to rule the world, as soon as I get to 20,000 posts. :wink: :lol:
Lucky for me, someone else is setting the whole thing up. He's been running the site since he started dancing in another state and adapted it to NYC once he moved here.

Since I'm the walking calendar of events and pretty even tempered he asked me to be moderator...and easy job so far as it's mostly me posting!

We did have one tiff, but it was a healthy debate on floor etiquette. Since it's still a baby site we're not to worried about it's minimum users at the moment.

And you're getting close to world domination, bunny isn't doing so well. :(


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Yeah. At the beginning stages, moderating is mainly posting. I'm sure you'll get your chance to practice diplomacy and anger management as well, though, eventually. :wink:

And I'll be nice to bunny. I can afford to, since I'm so close to the finish line. :wink: Just watch. 8)

Hey! I updated my signature line, but it's not showing! :evil: Hmm. :?
My own blog is definitly easier to run, since it's personal what I say goes.

I'm actually in the processes of building a complete WCS database for NYC...now that is a project. But once again, it's not dealing with peoples egos, so easier to deal with.


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Yup. Egos make the whole process a lot more ... interesting. :?

Oh and btw, it doesn't look like the whole world domination thingie is working out too well for Bunny. Hmm. :roll:
Interesting is a good word for it. Of course with dancers you have large ones to deal with on the message boards and on the dance floors!

Bunny is just playing it cool for the moment. His day will come. I might need to start a thread devoted to Bunny in Dancers Anonymous....
the WHYDance Message Board has changed it's name and address.

Now it's Strictly Westie! www.strictlywestie.com

We've been up helping the WCS community for 2 months now and have over 70 members.

Need a ride or a room at an event? Looking for dances in your area? Have a question about West Coast Swing? It's all there.

The site is still having some minor cosmetic work (new logo on the way) and will be upping the promotion to gain new membership. The 70+ members are all from local word of mouth in NYC, we expect numbers to jump once we start letting more and more people know about this great resource.

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