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Yikes! I still haven't made it over there. So sorry. Miserably busy and sick this week, so I'm really doing the minimum, other than work and sleep. :(

I'll try to get over there later today, after I get back in bed for a few more hours' rest. 8)


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leftfeetnyc said:
Your slacking..I'm turning into the pygmalian of that board though...700 posts almost in two months...the next closes is 550 i believe
Oh yeah, and btw... Did you know I've averaged over 900 posts in DF every month since October of 2003? So there. :tongue: :wink: :lol:

Guess I'd better come over there and show you how it's done.

Just kidding!!!! :lol:
I'll get up there eventually...as we get more members. Almost at 100 members so far, most of them active to some degree.

Then again, I might want to cool it, I'm getting harassed for almost being at 1000 posts in two months.
Christina, we're not harrassing you...we're gently teasing you! We're saving the harrassment for when you get to 20k posts. :lol:

Offtopic warning.

I need to try that black russian thing. I think it'll be my "vodka surprise" from Allan this week.

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pygmalion said:
Yeah. At the beginning stages, moderating is mainly posting. I'm sure you'll get your chance to practice diplomacy and anger management as well, though, eventually. :wink:

And I'll be nice to bunny. I can afford to, since I'm so close to the finish line. :wink: Just watch. 8)

Hey! I updated my signature line, but it's not showing! :evil: Hmm. :?
I see that those quirks "do" happen to you too!

Frustrating, eh?

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I like the "site" . . . you should import that "Three Things" thread by Cheerleader under the Black Hole forum to this site . . . I think you'd get a lot of responses . . .

I enjoyed reading them . . .
randomMysh said:
I need to try that black russian thing. I think it'll be my "vodka surprise" from Allan this week.
You havn't asked him for vodka and a pickle yet?
What did he end up making you this time? And did you try the Sambuca?

Vince A

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I got some cool drink ideas from that thread . . .

I like the Sambuca too . . .

Tip: keep the bottle of Sambuca in the refrigerator, pour it into a tall thin shot glass (like a liqueur glass), add one whole coffee bean, let set for a minute, drink and chew the coffee bean during the last gulp . . .
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