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Whats with the music??..sorry, but it just doesn't represent the style.
There is no excitement with a song, that would put me to sleep !
I think this particular comp. had a Disney theme and everyone in this division danced to a song from a Disney movie.

The style has changed ALOT in the last 5 or 10 years. The WCS community has chosen to evolve the dance as contemporary music evolves. Some like that choice and some don't.

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I agree with tt on this one. This is some impressive dancing at points, sure; lots of dance training there. And even some swing content.

"Pro Show" is the operative information here.

Meanwhile, back on the West Coast, in cities like Portland and Fremont, people are still learning what tt and I learned as West Coast Swing, based on a recent random sample.

Steve Pastor

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And, for a number of reasons, since I've been working around this topic recently, here are some Skippy Blair thoughts to go along with your statement that
The WCS community has chosen to evolve the dance as contemporary music evolves.
If you are only familiar with Swing Dancing - you will have a tendency to hear all music as Swing music. A good Swing dancer can dance Swing to any kind of music that plays. That does NOT make the music “Swing Music.” All social dance music, with the exception of Waltz, has the same number of beats per measure. It is the OTHER properties in the music that define the dance. Those subtle DIFFERENCES allow us to identify the dance that should accompany specific music. If we do not know about a particular dance, that dance does not exist for us. Our computer (brain) will fit whatever music it hears, to the closest form that fits our personal frame of reference. Our frame of reference is only as good as our education. Educational observations of various dance forms, gives us the confidence that comes with any form of education.
MUSIC is crucial. A really good dancer will adapt to whatever music is being played. However, if the music being played is NOT the music of the dance being danced, the dance will take on the character of the music being played. To some degree the dance will LOSE some of the “essence” and characteristics of the dance being presented.
Starting in the late 1990s, newer swing dancers seemed to assume that all music being played at a swing event - was Swing music. Anyone who has been around for a while knows that swing dancers will dance swing to any 4/4 time music that is played.

Another thought, my own, as best I can determine, is that "West Coast Swing" seems to have become a brand name.

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