West Coast Swing


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I certainly wouldn't disagree that much of the music danced to at WCS comps and many local dances today is not Swing music. I think most would agree that is isn't. I have mixed feelings about what is happening with the dance today. I often feel that it is getting too "free form". On the other hand I do like alot of what is happening with the dance today.


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.... However, if the music being played is NOT the music of the dance being danced, the dance will take on the character of the music being played. To some degree the dance will LOSE some of the “essence” and characteristics of the dance being presented.
Is that necessarily a bad thing?

Steve Pastor

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"West Coast swing - "
"the versatile dance can be used on any dance floor..."
"You can do the dance to anything," said the 25-year-old... "In class we dance to big band music as well as rock 'n' roll."
The Oregonian 1984

If it happens between two consenting dancers and they respect the space of those around them...
(But I can't help but think of that scene in "A Clockwork Orange...")

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