Westie-X in Los Angelos, CA - April 30 to May 2, 2004


in los angeles

April 30 to May 2, 2004

$80.00 for the whole weekend!

Thursday, April 29
8pm, FREE dance at the Hacienda (directions)

This weekend DOES NOT have any hotels booked and is encouraging its attendees to stay with a friend for the weekend, or with someone new. WM.com will pair people up according to needs and preferences.

We have also made an A La Cart registration form for you to make what you want of this weekend! We would, however, love for everyone attending to partake of all the festivities. The more, the merrier ;-)

Registration Form

I Need a Host Form

I Want to Host Form

Print out the Flyer!

Friday, April 30
9pm, Dancing at The Grenada (directions)
8pm, Workshop with Robert Cordoba

“Musical Interpretation” ($5.00)

Saturday, May 1
12pm, Six Flags, Magic Mountain Trip ($25.00)

9pm, Dancing at Memories with the WCSDC (directions)
8pm, Workshop with Wayne and Sharlot Bott
”Cool Patterns & Contemporary Stylings” ($5.00)
Free Pizza & Late night Lindy upstairs!!!

Sunday, May 2
12pm, Beach Party @ Huntington Beach ($15.00)

7pm, Dancing at The Clubhouse with the OCWCSDC (directions)
6pm, Workshop with Mary Ann Nunez
”Fun and Slick Footwork” ($5.00)

if you need more information, please email westiex@westiemonkey.com
WESTIE-X change weekend Info - April 30 to May 2

WESTIE-X change weekend Info - April 30 to May 2
The postmark deadline for the pre-registration is this weekend! The cost of the dances will go up from $10 to $12 for Friday and Saturday, and from $5 to $8 on Sunday. The workshops will stay the same, $5.00. Please come out to support the fabulous instructors on the roster for this weekend......

Six Flags is offering a special through Burger King. $25.00 admission for up to 6 people using their coupons. If you thought you missed the deadline for our Saturday trip, here's your chance to get in again!

Final schedule and direction info is now available on the web page!
Don't want to be a posting pain - but here is the final info!

This weekend, April 30 - May 2, is the exchange weekend in Los Angeles, CA! Here is the schedule info, and directions to the venues are on the WESTIE-X website.


Thursday, April 29
8pm - Dancing at the Hacienda - El Segunda, CA FREE

Friday, April 30
8pm - Workshop with Robert Cordoba - Alhambra, CA $5.00
9pm - Dancing at the Grenada - Alhambra, CA $12.00

Saturday, May 1
12pm - 5pm - Six Flags, Magic Mountain - Valencia, CA $25.00
8pm - Workshop with Wayne & Sharlot Bott - Whittier, CA $5.00
9pm - Dancing at Memories with the WCSDC - Whittier, CA $12.00 (non-members), $10.00 (members)
free pizza and late night lindy upstairs!!!!

Sunday, May 2
12pm - 4pm - Huntington Beach, CA - $15.00
6pm - Workshop with Mary Ann Nunez - Placentia, CA $5.00
7pm - Dancing at the Clubhouse with the OCWCSDC - Placentia, CA $8.00

Remind your friends! See you there!

Thanks to our sponsors Doug Silton.com and DancePros.net!


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Thanks for the updated info, westiemonkey. :D

Please be sure to come back and give us a review after the event. And, as soon as dates are available for next year, be sure to post. See? Your info is definitely not a "posting pain." :wink: It's much appreciated. :D

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