What are you excited about in your dancing right now?


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Here's a place to record whatever it is you're excited about in your dancing right now.

It could be anything; a large or small accomplishment, a new learning, meeting a goal, meeting a new person, plans for the future, whatever....


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My kick-ball changes in jive look much better...somehow I've figured out what my standing leg and knee are supposed to be doing. Slow waltz is getting better too...
Starting beginners 2 shag with my wife on tuesday (I took beg. 1 3 times).
Excited because I found I like shag better that WCS, finding it easy to do.
More expressiveness overall- using my body in new ways to show emotion - following David Hamilton's advice to let the motion become the emotion and the emotion become the motion.


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Info from some great coaching we had recently...and the prospect of maybe getting some part of it to really stick throughout our dancing.


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Aside from QS, which we've done for awhile, starting to learn some Standard stuff. I like it! Actually, I think I like it better than Smooth, but we'll see when the novelty wears off...
Getting my first dresses from the dressmaker last week to wear to my first ever comp in May.

Switching to two teachers instead of one is improving my follow really quickly.

Spins and turns getting loads better.

The 'nasty girls' at the studio deciding to start being rude to me. It would really have got to me before I started dancing as am so shy and always nice to them. Now I realise I'm a threat - bring it on! :D



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My Cuban Motion is improving greatly. Yay! I'm also improving in my Waltz. Here's hoping I can test out of one of my Bronze levels soon.


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Latingal - congrats on the compliment! What did they say if you don't mind sharing? : )
Thanks dancerdol!! The coach turned to my partner and said he was very lucky to have me as a follower because she led me while she was putting together some open choreography for us and didn't have to say a word, I just followed - correctly!

LOL....my pro-am instructor trained me well, it was one of my big weaknesses when I came to him - I danced so much by myself I couldn't really follow a lead - my arm and body were disconnected and I wasn't "sensitive"....

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