What Are You OCD About ???


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I Vacuum every single day around the same time. Around the same time in part because the cats hate it and they have a dependable hiding schedule. They know when mommy is done vacuuming they can come out from under the bed, sofa, closet ;) I even bought an Electrolux Ultra Silencer vacuum and they still don't like it!
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the tape recordings of my dance lessons. if I don't listen to them at least once, I can't stand myself and sleep at night. now, if that's not OCD then what is...


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The light in the practice room.I always want it off.On either side there are no walls. Either the whole gym or people passing by get to stare. The light is like a projector so I just have to switch it off!!!


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After I squeeze lotion out of a tube, I like to wipe the top to make sure it's clean, I dont like to see build ups, residues around it....same thing to toothpaste...:)

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