What are Your Favorite Words???

gainsay, transitive verb meaning to deny or contradict.

example sentence: "With such a record, it's hard for anyone to gainsay the cynics. But as Inauguration Day approached, millions of Nigerians like Pambi again dared to hope for something better." Tom Masland, Fingers Crossed, Nigerians Are Inaugurating Their First Freely Elected President in 16 Years, Newsweek (New York), May 24, 1999

credit goes to wordsmith dot org for all of this


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Today? nap.

Most days I'm looking for substantive words that I can get something deeper from. Today I like nap. Think I'll take one. :lol:

Although I do have to say that I have affection for picayune. What a cute word. It even gives a hint at its own meaning. Pretty groovy.

Has anybody besides me ever completed the book, "Word Power?" It's been in print on and off, for (I'd guess) 30-something years. It's a workbook which teaches you, through exercises, about word origins and word families. LOVE that book. It's the book that taught me (back in middle school, when I frst completed it) about the difference between opticians, optometrists, and opthalmologists, and lots of other things.

Really fun reading for word lovers. Accept no substitutes. :cool:


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A good way to describe the majority of automated telephone lines for finance companies... grr I just want to talk to a human being not enter 50 options! :( gah
I'd rather fight a lion to get to a customer service advisor!
oniomania is a noun meaning compulsive shopping; excessive, uncontrollable desire to buy things.

example sentence: "Like other compulsive disorders, scientists are working on a cure for oniomania. And according to a report in HealthScout, it could be just around the corner. At Stanford University, researchers are testing a drug to treat a shopaholic's desire to spend."
Phenomena; Ottawa Citizen (Canada); Nov 25, 2000.

I got this from wordsmith org

As they state there: 'Oniomania is another word for the urge to shop till you drop, habit of the debit, thrill of the bill. According to a pearl of ancient wisdom, we don't acquire things, things acquire us. In the case of oniomaniacs, it is perhaps the fun of acquiring things that acquires them.

Imelda Marcos of the Philippines could be one prime example of this category, also known as shopaholics, though she could be better known as a shoeaholic.'


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adelante Spanish language word (although I've only heard it in a Latino context -- no idea if people from Spain use it in the same way) which means let's go! or move forward!
ex cathedra, adverb or adjective, meaning: Spoken with authority; with the authority of the office.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin ex cathedra (from the chair), from cathedra (chair). In the Roman Catholic Church, when the Pope speaks ex cathedra he is considered infallible. The word cathedral is short for the full term cathedral church, meaning the principal church of a diocese, one containing a bishop's throne.

example sentence: "The Supreme Court's ex cathedra pronouncement that the area is not riverbed or floodplain commits two errors." Ramaswamy R. Iyer; Let the Games Go On; The Indian Express (New Delhi, India); Aug 4, 2009.

I got all of this from wordsmith dot org. (I heart this stuff!)
dipsy doodle, noun meaning:

1. The zig-zag motion of a ball in baseball or of a player in football.

2. An act performed to evade or distract.

example sentence: "'It would take a rather wild turn of events to keep it off the East Coast. ... It would have to do some kind of dipsy doodle,' says hurricane center forecaster Jack Beven." Jack Williams; Hugo Turns Eye to East Coast; USA Today; Sep 20, 1989.

Again, I found this at wordsmith dot org :)


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peony / paeonie

It's a lovely flower, but the word itself reminds me of what a puppy did on my lap once, so its a bit of a giggle trigger.

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