What are Your Favorite Words???


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Going down I-5 in the San Joaquin valley, I saw a sign on the back of a truck that said, "This vehicule make frequent stops".


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Bad Vuggum; dont really know what it means but I sort of think I know what it ort to mean.

1. Bad Karma
2. Sore loserish, lacking grace.
3. Grumpy and irritable over things that havnt gone ones way.
4. Envious, vengeful and resentful


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swashbuckle: the etymology; actually it started as a euphemism for washing out the head the toilet on a boat; 'buckle' was slang for toilet as you had to unbuckle your belt
and swash means wash or chuck a bucket of water down.*

*[size=-12]( i just made this up)[/size]

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