What Argentine tango teaches us


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1. Body control. The high degree of body contact that is required, more so then other dances requires a great deal of skill. It increases body awareness, developes contra body movement....

2. Being responsive. Several have told me that AT has subtle leads. That this helps them a lot with their other dances. Anyone agree, disagree?

3. I've heard quite a few men say that they they did both follow and leader roles in their classes. More so then any other dance. Teaches us to appreciate both perspectives, that life is not only viewed through one lense, but we all have different filters that we put on, as well.
Sagitta, I find that Argentine tango is a lot less predictable than most other dances, so you have to think incredibly fast, just like with salsa. Hence, your point about being responsive is very relevant. It's totally improvised and, thanks to the closed hold, you get a real appreciation for dancing in someone else's "space", far moreso than in, say, ballroom.

Like ballet, it's one of those dances that you must really feel _ not just feel the music or the beat or your partner's movements, but feel the actual dance. You can't dance Argentine tango if you can't "feel" Argentine tango.

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