What bout Tap dancing?


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The closest I've ever gotten to tap dancing was watching Gregory Hines in the movie,"Tap." What do you think about tap dancing contributing to other forms of dance? I wouldn't mind taking some lessons.

Welcome to the Forum family! Delighted to have you here!!!!

I've been taking tap for about a year and a half and really enjoy it. I LOVE making noise...especially with my feet.

My favorite step would have to be a rolling shuffle...flap, heel, heel, brush, heel, toe, heel.

I have a few tap patterns, warmups and routines on my site...www.dancersdreamland.com.

Look forward to seeing you on the Forum boards!
do u really take lessons? so cool
do u know the shim-sham? that's pretty much my favorite routine of all time!!!!!

I think u can tap dance anywhere: in the streets, down an aisle in the grocery store, in the rain (go figure) u should take lessons, their a blast and once u get started, u can't stop!!!!! :roll:
I agree...once you start taking lessons you get addicted to making noises with your feet.

When we first learned flaps, our instructor talked about doing them while grocery shopping...now I do them whenever I go shopping. Up and down the aisles I'm justing flapping away. It's pretty funny actually, and now my fiance has picked up how to do them so we do them together. You should see the looks people give us.

I know I've learned shim shams, I just don't remember them. I'll have to ask in class next week.
The Shim Sham was created by Leonard Reed. It is a gfreat dance with endless variations that can be worked into it. Leonard has also choreographed Shim Sham 2, even more fun.

Rusty Frank has tapes available of both routines if you can't find a teacher.

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