What dance is this?

Saturday I saw a dance I'm not familiar with. I'm guessing it was 3-step, but I'm not quite sure. It's really popular around here, and I'd like to learn how to do it. It seemed kind of like a fast 2-step with a pause/back movement for a 3rd step (sort of).

Identification and help doing it would be great :)




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If the dance progresses around the floor, it could be either a triple-two or a triple-triple (polka without the up/down motion).


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What kind of music was it danced to? Country & Western? R&B? Latin? Fast, slow? From your description it is kind of hard to tell. Even Nightclub Two Step could be described as "a fast 2-step with a pause/back movement for a 3rd step (sort of)"

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kayak said:
If the dance progresses around the floor, it could be a triple-two or a triple-triple?
Ditto . . . Triple Two, Polka, or maybe even the Texas Two Step???

Fast? Slow? Dance around the outside of the dance floor in a ccw direction, kinda like my avatar???
The most noted song i've found is "I never promised you a rose garden"...it appears to be right, left, right - then rock back on your left foot, then repeat...it's usually done in a circle, with partners going around the whole circle...it looks a lot like synchronized walking to me :p

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That's only a 4-Step (count) dance . . . there are very few of those - actually I couldn't find any! However, there 8, 10, 12, 16, and 22-Step Polka dances that are partnered and also travel ccw around the perimeter of the floor!

I think it's basically a "shuffle" with a rock step, which would be something local???

Let me know if find out something different???
Texas Three Step

While I have never heard of the Texas Three Step, a quick Google search (try "texas three step dance") turns up several references, including this official description in the rulebook of the CWDI (Country Western Dance International):

Texas Three-Step: – Couples must maintain a step pattern of, except for limited syncopation steps to change
to their partner’s step pattern, a pattern that uses four (4) weight changes to three (3) counts of music,
counted as (1&2,3) or (1,2,3&) which has a generally forward progressive counter clockwise around the
dance floor.

(Google "CWDI" to get the link to the CWDI web site; Dance Forums is telling me I'm not allowed to post the URL.)

Sounds a little like a progressive hustle, if you can imagine that!
Cool! So where is this dance done?


I am totally intrigued by this dance that I have never heard of or seen!! Where in Texas have you seen it done? (names of bars plus cities where they are located)

If I am ever in Texas, I would like to go to one of these places and watch the dance, maybe even learn it a little.

I love regional dances, and this definitely seems to be one...
Go to google and search for "schroeder". It's called Schroeder Hall, and google makes a point to note that it's the second oldest dance hall in texas. They list their address in Goliad, but it's actually in schroeder. Apparently, it IS 3-step :p

Hope it helps!
sounds like 3 step to me

I teach the Texas 3-step. What you describe sounds like it.

Guy starts with left foot: Beat 1: step fwd with left foot
& bring right foot beside left
2 step fwd with left foot
3 big step forward with right

It's like a quick, quick, quick, slow.

The lady will be on oposite foot because she is facing the guy and traveling backward.

Hope this helps.

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I'm going to use this ole thread for this question.

They've been doing it in Portland, and now I see they are doing it at Gilley's in Las Vegas.
Lots of people seem to know the dance, most of them younger, and people I haven't seen line dancing before.
I call it the Disney Dance, because I suspect that it is from "High School Musical". I've looked a bit, and asked a few people, and will ask again tonight when I go out.
This dance is similar to the Madison. It is a line dance, and the moves are called.
Does anyone know the name and/or where I can find a description?

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