what do you guys do for living?

Psh, yeah! How else can I afford dance shoes and dresses?? Girls gotta work around the clock! :p
That's what I'm saying! I love overtime, so I can buy the extra stuff... including more dance lessons, dance shoes etc.! I know some people that don't, because they want to spend time with their kids etc., but I don't have any kid's right now, so it's perfect timing for me. Lol... actually my instructor just laughed when I told him this at my lesson the other day, because we got into the same conversation. ;)


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:p I just put money down on three dresses. Dresses trump food this week!
Cheapskate Monthly says that potatoes are really an excellent food. And cheap. Not sure what all that starch would do to a person, but...

I found some really good Chinese sauces that I mix with some rice and some veges. Quite good, inexpensive and tasty. And I can always toss in a few shrimp or maybe some chicken.


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I work at Disney World as a Front Desk Clerk at one of thier resorts. Its nice although I hope to be doing something else within the company in 6 months.


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Cuz my job has changed...sorta...since the last time I was posting around here...

I am the economist in charge of data collection, cleaning and dissemenation for statistical modeling use (as opposed to compliance modeling, which is a strictly prohibited use of the data we produce) by other government agencies. It involves writing data entry manuals, overseeing the data entry process (from a distance, thank god), making sure that the data entry program meets technical and legal requirements, cleaning the data, delivering files to customers, publishing tables and articles, and generally be knowledgeable about the law, changes to it, and its general use in the wider community. I am responsible for this process in two distinct areas, as well as taking on smaller, related projects from time to time.

Yes, I know I'm being vague.

This was, more or less, the same job I took straight out of college. Same section, same job description, different focus area. I left that job after about 5 years and took a job doing compliance modeling, and hated it...for 4.5 years. I went back to my original division, to my original section, doing my original job about 1.5 years ago.
I work with computers in education... trying my best not to have a nervous breakdown.

Secretly wishes he could live in America, visit Heart Attack Grill, do a DF tour and spend evenings watching Broadway shows.


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I'm an ultrasound technologist. At my current job I'm specifically working in ob/gyn.. we get a lot of crazy stuff because we're level 2. It's new to me and I don't know if I like it, we deal with a lot of perinatal morbidity and mortality.. Its going to be a challenging position. Suddenly looking at kidneys and gallbladders all day doesn't seem so bad!


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Hehe. I'm kicking myself for posting that I didn't like my job, I've been out of work for a year now. Tomorrow I interview for a general ultrasound position, and it's a working interview and I'm oh so excited to get back in to the field. It's cool and I miss doing it.

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