What do you like to do besides dancing?

Taekwondo, Playing the Flute, Hiking and Computers.
And, of course...travelling.
Recent Trips:
Miami and Ft. Lauderdale
Maine, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Washington DC and the Outer Banks of NC


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DanceMentor said:
Which reminds me; I took classes in Taekwondo many years ago and while the martial arts are different from dancing I did notice similarities in the learning process and that of technique, timing and focus which also apply to dancing.
Last Thursday I got kicked in the "you know where". The same guy accidently puched me in the back a week before. Dancing is a lot less dangerous. It's not too often you see someone go down in dancing, and if they do, they usually are able to get back up...

But I did here about Sammy Stopford getting knocked out cold one time. My friends sister was a top competitor. She did some arm styling that was so good, they stopped the competition. :lol:
what I like to do

I like to hang out with my daughter who is a yr old. She loves chuck e cheese and going to the park. I also like to take pictures of her and travel with her. So basically I love spending time with my baby


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I earlier mentioned camping; haven't actually done so in awhile, but my favorite camping is in difficult access areas just completely away from everything. I have often done this with two friends of mine while out on our ghost town exploration trips in my one friends 4WD.

The wonderful meals we've had; marinated chicken prepaired over the campfire; hot homemade chili. Doesn't get any better then that - outside of dancing anyway.
That really sounds cool! It's so much more wide open out West. I'd love to go exploring an old ghost town. The only places I've been out West were San Francisco, Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. On the San Francisco trip I stayed at the Fairmont for 4 days during a dance competition. Every day I would walk somewhere. Even though there are a lot of hills it's a great walking city. I went down to fisherman's wharf and watched a concert one day. The next day I went to China town for some good eats. And on the last day I walked about 14 miles, from the Fairmont down to Haight-Ashbury park, thru Golden Gate Park (beautiful), and to the Pacific. Every morning I would wake up and look at the bay and Alcatraz. You can do so much without a car in San Francisco.

....but I still want to go to the wide open country you describe someday, Spitfire. :D

Phil Owl

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DanceMentor said:
Dancing is a lot less dangerous. It's not too often you see someone go down in dancing, and if they do, they usually are able to get back up...
:roll: :lol:

Methinks EC Swing and Lindy is starting to get dangerous, last night i got it in the back by someone who just had absolutely NO awareness of other dancers around him (MAJOR PET PEEVE OF MINE :x )

I laughed it off, though I was pretty surprised at first (first time in a social setting this has happened)


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Photography! Of course most of my photography is of dancers... :?

I also used to love camping but, especially given the concentration of dance doings on the weekends, it’s been a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg time. Similarly, I really enjoy (enjoyed?) traveling, back when I actually could go where I wanted and do what I wanted. As one photographer at the German Open commented to me last summer, now its just a matter of being very familiar with airports and the insides of hotels/sports halls in many places.

Some of my dance photos from the 2002 GOC, 2002 USDSC, 2002 Ohio Star Ball, and 2003 CA Open are posted at http://photos.yahoo.com/socaldancesport

Oh, and as far as other interests are concerned, I should probably say "anthropology" too...seeing as how I'm working on my dissertation at the moment.
is everyone american in ere? :cry: am i the only lonely english gal? lol oh well...

erm... yeah im at college hairdressing aswell as dancin, im a qualified beautician, nail technition, nail artist, make-up artist and ear piercer and workin towards my hairdressing now :D am so proud lolol and im a HEAVY clubber ... anyone heard of GATECRASHER? :roll:
Yes, Gatecrasher looks like a pretty wild place--someone reminiscent of the dance clubs I used to go to a few years back that played industrial music. People did all kinds of crazy things with their hair and wore clothes to get noticed. The place I remember the most was called Masquerade. Upstairs they would have bands like Ministry, Henry Rollins, Dread Zeppelin, and many more that I can't remember now. Upstairs was called Heaven. The middle level was called Purgatory and had a bar and games. And downstairs was called Hell. That's where the dancing happened. About once a month they would have foam night. This machine wouold drop soap bubbles onto the dance floor until they were about 4 feet hight. People did all kinds of crazy things under the bubbles. And believe it or not, this is the place where Swing dancing got started in Atlanta. Many of the Punk Rockers and such became Swingers.
I like to watch tons of movies, I love to write [stories, poems, songs etc], Swim, I love to learn [anything and everything], read a good book, have a great conversation [woo woo!], and workout [weird but true] 8)

Vince A

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Dancing - everyday
Playing the guitar - everyday
Reading - everyday
Writing - poems, songs, short stories - when I can
Running - as often as I can, usually 4:30 AM
Cooking - closet chef, most everyday
My home theater/music studio


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Very little. I have no life or money. Dancing is a black hole. Oh, and I'm also bitter.
Kidding. I enjoy... stuff. Like, movies. Books. Good music. There are things I'd love to do, like continue my foreign language learning (I kind of have a knack for them) or one of those adult evening courses at my uni in pretty much anything you want... maybe programming languages or something like art and architecture.
Of course all that is just talk. I have no life apart form running to the library to get my degree and then having a latin coach/ballet mistress breathe down my sweaty neck about lift and attack and spotting. One of these days I'll get those 36h days I've always wanted.


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having recently embarked upon a month long sabbatical from dance and a 3 month hiatus from comps...GASP...I am remembering the things I enjoy: I love to paint and read and garden and jog with my dog...having said that...the next two weeks cannot fly by soon enough ...


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Uh...I guess I like to write. I like to skate, and on good days I like teaching learn to skate. I used to like horseback riding, but that went by the wayside a long time ago (money, time, allergies, and severe injuries.) Working. Well, I don't like working but I spend a lot of time on it. Baking, though that's work. Thinking about dancing. Watching stuff about dancing. Plotting how to get more money for dancing.


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  1. Long range high precision rifle shooting
  2. IPSC & IDPA pistol shooting
  3. Cowboy action shooting
  4. Reloading
  5. Movies
  6. Running
  7. Weights
  8. Cycling
  9. Sport riding (Motorcycles)
  10. Gourmet cooking
  11. Fine wines
  12. Exotic cheeses
  13. Hiking up in the Cascade and the Olympic mountain ranges
  14. Snow shoeing (in the winter) up in the mountains
  15. Spending quality time with my beautiful wife

Of course, nothing beats dancing the Argentine Tango

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