What do YOU wear to dance?


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I can't see wearing work clothes to ballroom lessons... Doesn't that get uncomfortable real quick?
Depends on what we're doing. If it's choreography composition night, and we're going to be mostly walking through ideas and things with the instructor, it's not so bad. If it's VW practice night... yeah, I'm going to want a change of clothes for that.

(And it dawns on me that it may be a difference between the regions that you and I live in... here in the South, we're going to be wearing relatively light cotton stuff for most of the year. Not much wool.)


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For dance classes?
The same casual clothes as at work or at home. Depends mainly on the season. Long sleeves in winter, short sleeves in summer. But I don't go to dance classes in the same clothes that I wore at work, I bring at work a bag with clean clothes.


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Stretchy black wide leg pants and either a black singlet or stretchy top with sleeves, depending on the time of year. I find pants show up lines better on the video than a skirt does. Social dance, I wear a skirt. Never jeans, way too restrictive.
This is a very interesting question and I believe you will get a very wide range of answers, based on geographic location / climate, based on where they are coming from (work, school, home, other) and based on what type of environment they are dancing in. I dance in two environments.

a) Snowboarding Resort. The Theodul glacier at high elevations provides year round snowboarding and I am very active in both snowboarding as well as dance. At the base village, there is a warehouse that they have transformed into a hall that has different events including dance events on certain nights a week. The warehouse is chilly so my typical outfit there is usually:
- thin sweater + stretchy jeans (what I wear for snowboarding) OR
- colourful sweater dress (something I bring along to change into)
- sports bra (the support feels much better then a regular bra)
- 200 denier fleece lined tights (very comfy, doesn't rip easily)
- knee high shearling lined boots with a suede sole (very comfy, suede sole allows glide)

b) City. Going after work. If I know I am going after work, I purposely wear an outfit that is formal enough for the office and flexible enough for dancing.
- classic white blouse or solid colour cardigan
- bra with underwire for support
- flowery A-line skirt
- dark 100 denier tights (lower denier tights tend to ladder, at least for me)
- high heel dress boot with suede or leather sole

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