What footwork drills/exercises/practices can I sneak into my day-to-day life?


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The main purpose of this thread is to see what I can discreetly practice on while I'm at work at my standing desk, but to make this perhaps a bit more useful to others, I'm also looking for drills/exercises in other areas of life, like standing in a line, waiting for a train, etc.

Something like a Shorty George exercise -- mainly isolating the upper body (and hips?) while moving the knees side-to-side.

How about triple-step exercises?

Steve Pastor

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The first thing that came to mind was various syncopations.
Standup desk? correct posture
Triple steps? straight count or rolling count
replacements for triple steps
Camel Walk
Snake Hips
Boogie Walk
Apple Jacks

isolating the upper body - do this a lot in AT

carrying one rhythm upstairs, and another in your lower body

Hope your desk is not in a high visibility area!


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One thing I've found useful is pretty simple: stand on one leg (stay as stable as possible) while moving the other through as large a range as you can (forward, back, side, rondes, taps, extend, contract, etc.)


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Extend as in just stretch it out long, contract as in pick the foot up, and bring the leg in toward your body. Which can also all be done directly underneath the body, or in front or behind. Just getting the full range of movement in there, not just on the floor ;)

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