What happens when someone gets banned from DF.

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"OH No! I have been banned!! Now what??"

Ok, so first, stay calm. There are a few different reasons a user might get banned.

If we made a mistake…..
If you feel you have been banned in error, feel free to use the CONTACT FORM, which can be found in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Send us a message and we will take a look into it. It might have happened completely by accident, a slip of the finger, while we were doing various administrative tasks. Sometimes while we are cleaning spam an innocent user gets lumped into that pile, and out they go. If we find that you have been banned, in error, we will as quickly as possible reopen your account. Hey sometimes, accidents happen!

If you made a mistake….
If you were banned because your posts look too much like spam, or you are continually redirecting traffic offsite, or promoting your business… you might need to reread the guidelines. These are specifically noted as bannable offenses. Continually pushing your product, event, or website, (no mater how valuable you feel it is, or whether or not it is a fundraiser, or you don't make any money from it) is frowned upon. We will probably work with you a few times before banning you, in order to help you find a more appropriate way to participate in our community. If it REALLY is something you feel we should make an exception for, asking us nicely BEFORE posting it would be appreciated. That way the staff can decide whether or not you can post your link/ad/website/event. But if the offenses continue, we will have no choice but to deactivate your account.

If you were naughty….
Perhaps you created a second username. I dunno why, but you just might feel the need to post from two separate accounts, or three or four. We probably will combine the additional usernames into one account. Or we might simply ban the extra account. Either way, we specifically forbid members creating and using multiple usernames. And anyway, talking to yourself between two usernames is just plain weird.

If you were just downright mean….
Alright, everyone has a bad day now and then. So if you think that someone poked you too hard and you want to swing back… take a deep breath. Wait a few hours, or even a day, before responding. It is better to respond later, civilly, instead of hurling accusations, insults, threats, or calling names out of a defensive posture. If you do this, and we recognize that it was just a bad day for you, we will remind you to be nice and not everyone has to agree with each other. If it you are unable to let it go, keep rehashing it, and insisting on always having the last word, we might send you on vacation for a few days, to help you cool off, and to allow the thread some die down. And we will welcome you back when you return.

If it is becoming a disruptive pattern....
If every post is combative and aggressive or you flat out call someone a curse word, you can expect a longer vacation of at least two weeks, based on the severity of your language and insults. We take this action very seriously. We will not tolerate foul language being directed at members or staff. Taking an argument to the "Private Messages to Staff" forum and privately slinging curse words at the staff, even though it is hidden from the rest of the forum, is also unacceptable. Just because no one can see you behaving badly and calling us names, doesn't mean we have to tolerate it.

We will alert you ahead of time… "if you continue to speak in this manner, you will be banned." It will not come out of left field or as a surprise. We will offer plenty of warning....
Again, this is probably a temporary ban, and will automatically be lifted on a predetermined date. And again, when you return we will gladly welcome you back.

We do have a "3 Strikes and You Are Out" policy. If we have to continually ask you to remain civil, or have already banned you a few times, if you just can't seem to get the hang of how to play nicely on DF, we will eventually deactivate the account, permanently. This is a last resort, and we would be very unhappy for things to have gotten to this bad. This actually has only happened a few times and it is as painful for the staff as it is for the user.
Honestly. We don't want to have to get this far down the page!

Just know that we have a pretty clear set of conditions that have to be met and it takes A LOT before someone gets banned, and we offer plenty of opportunity to avert such actions. It is not a one person decision, it is a group decision from the whole staff, and we all have to agree (that is pretty hard to do actually!). So if you find yourself being banned, just relax because it might just have been an accident, or you were already warned and pretty much knew it was coming, and it is temporary. Take some time, go out dancing, and come back in a few days.
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