What is an advanced dancer?

Had an interesting experience last night. I attended a place with a friend, intending to sit out and watch until my lesson. It was "advanced" tango and I was told it was only for people with two or more years experience.

I'm nowhere near that experienced so I was ready to sit out and watch, but I noticed several students who attended were beginners to intermediate dancers and because the class was mainly technique, they coped perfectly, as would I have, had I joined in.

It got me thinking, how do you define an "advanced" dancer. It's certainly not quantifiable in years (I know plenty of tango dancers who have much more experience than myself/others in my class and they're not necessarily brilliant dancers). To me it's someone who knows the dance and can dance with just about anybody, not necessarily someone who's danced for years or can do flashy moves.


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I would agree with you madamsamba. An advanced dancer may be someone who just knows 5/6 basic steps but can do them well with just about anyone. It's not the steps, the moves. Anyway, that's what my AT tecaher told me. After our second lesson she told us that what we had learnt was enough to go and dance. :)
I'll ditto that! BTM, I can't wait to see you dance...one day, if I ever make it to the UK! That said, I probably won't be able to keep up with you! :0

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