What is the "Russian kick"?


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I know the You Tube move as "Drop Sit"; but, different schools - different names.

I don't know the name of the move in the pic. 'Cos it is easy to lead with an experienced dance partner I have always just done it rather than call it first. I would be happy for this one to be "Russian Kicks". It has a kind of Cossack aspect.

(At the risk of getting off topic I must add that a while back, in a discussion group for teachers that my Association convened, we talked about letting new dancers know that some moves have multiple names. Getting the teachers to agree to a set of standardised names was out of the question. :mrgreen:)
It is move in the picture I have always called Russian kick. And I know a lot of others do the same. And I have danced Lindy for eight years or so now, and never heard anyone say anything else.

But then someone who has danced Lindy longer than I have said that russian kick was that other move. And when I searched on you tube, I found the clip above confirming that.

Lindy is in no way a regulated dance, and there is no standard syllabus. No bronze, silver, gold levels and all that. And that's how I like it.

I especially like that there is no one correct way of doing a certain pattern. Only good or bad leading.

But there are some patterns and moves that have historical names, and having those more or less correct is nice. :)

just noticed the question

several years ago I was talking to Frankie about your first example, and he said that members of WLH (himself included) had created it after watching a similar ballet movement, and called it the "Russian splits." That step, whichsubsequently tended to follow the "back Charleston" became known later as the "kick between the legs" and even later I think as the "kick Charleston" (although I'm not too certain about the last one). Thus as is the way with dance you seem to have come across a pretty close derivation of the original name!

first move is usually reffered to as the russian lift.......
second one is the drop................

but, hey, names vary from locale to locale...........

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