What made you smile today?


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Bags packed for husband to drive to Texas, and one entire bag just for the actual wedding ceremony (clothes, make-up, emergency safety pins) why do I feel like it's a ballroom comp, lol.
Seeing a pile of sewing experiments and having an "ah ha" moment as to how I could use them all to make a dress..... S1350002.JPG I have also been playing with fabric paint and stencils, and seeing what rhinestones look good over top. Such fun. I will make another bodice and join that to the skirt in a zigzag pattern that follows the godets. That way if the new Lycra doesn't match it will become part of the design......o_O


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I foster for a local parrot rescue, though I stick with the little guys. I took Lucy, a parakeet/budgie (depending on what part of the world you are in ;)) to her new home yesterday. When I left, she was preening, doing little wing and feet stretches, but hadn't moved from one spot on one perch. Big smile today when I talked to the adopter and heard that Lucy has been doing "little twirls" around the cage and took millet between the cage bars from her new parront. :D
Want to dance but don't know how? On sale now, today only, get Google Dance Shoes. Like a self-driving car, these hi-tech suede-soled wireless shoes will move your feet to whatever dance music is playing, up to 60 ft from any google music playing device with bluetooth and a sense of humor.

Just saw this at the end of the dance calendar sent out today, April 1st.


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This one made me LOL:

(To the Patsy Cline tune)

I go a-walkin' after midnight
I go a-creepin' after midnight
I go a-peepin' after midnight, watching youuuuuuu....
Even better, taking your new avatar into account :rofl:
maybe I should change mine to one of those scary weeping angels and join in .......

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