What made you smile today?


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I'm fostering two parakeets, one is around 2 and has an injured foot. The other one is around 14 and is, uh, geriatric. Looks like they've decided to become BFF. On the one hand, OH DEAR trying to find somebody who will want to adopt both of them, but on the other, OH MY they were cute together.


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My twin granddaughters, who had make-up on for their dance team Christmas performance for the first time, and actually asked me to teach them! A new role in their lives.
Got a comp partner. A real, live amateur Standard leader.

"What made you smile today?" Smile? More like "explode with joy." I know out there in DF land there are a lot of ladies in my situation, in search of an amateur competition partner. Sometimes - most of the time - it felt impossible. It has been a long and impatient wait since my previous partner had to quit training. So for all you other ladies riding that rollercoaster of hope and despair, chasing possibilities only to have them fizzle, for the record, it is possible.


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Ok, today at the public library, there was an active shooter (this is NOT the part that made me smile!!!) When I got home I told my husband about the active shooter and he asked, "What are his hours?" He thought I said 'active TUTOR'

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