What made you smile today?


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dh has a job offer...not sure of details until next week, so not breaking out the bubbly just yet, but hey, nowhere to go but up....deo gratis
alas...the offer, after making us wait 2 1/2 torturous weeks for the details, was that dh work for them for free and would get paid for business he brought them...try as we may, we cannot figure out how that might benefit us so.....back to square one....living the dream


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Washing the hall floor while listening to my "new" second hand dance music..... and dancing bits of samba as soon as a part of it was dry enough:rofl: First time in 2 years I've felt strong enough to wash it, let alone do voltas from one side to the other.... then later a dance practice using the newly cleaned floor with DH, working on bits he learnt during his first "real" lesson yesterday......and then I was really sore so had a magnesium bath to ease the aches:nurse:.


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Watching a very short video clip from friend of my Pro’s young son and his partner winning 1st place in Latin at last weeks Blackpool youth event. Having babysat this young man as an infant, it was a thrilled to see him and partner screaming and jumping for joy.
This is really small, but waking up to find I'd taken a much-needed surprise nap.

I'm currently a full-time student, and working full-time freelance from home/various coffee shops so I've been run a little ragged as of late and getting an extra hour in (without missing a class or a deadline) was honestly one of the best feelings I could ask for.

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