What non tango songs can you tango too?

I hope nobody flames me for this, but I was watching an old Dr. Dre video and they did a cool tango dance in it. Can you believe it? In a hip video. Anyway, it made me start wondering, what other types of songs could you do a tango too, that are not necessarily tango music. Could jazz work? other songs? What are your thoughts?


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No worries there cl,assy1 as no flaming is permitted on this site. I'm just getting back to tango and so am not the best person to answer this, but I have seen people tango to swing foxtrot and salsa.


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They sure did. I'd forgotten about that video. Oh.. man... what is that song called? :doh:

Pretty much anything in in the same time signature and at the right speed, you can tango to, if you can count it. It'll feel weirder with some songs than with others, but you can do it.

That said, what makes tango music tango music, is a very distinct rhythm, so dancing tango to random songs might be a big challenge. I'll try to think of some, though. :?
Hey, classy1! Don't you worry about any such thing...the only flames on DF are the ones surrounding our feet! (I can't believe I cracked that joke in public). :oops:

Seriously, there are plenty of "non tango" tunes to dance to. Well, it's not that they're not tango, but as pygmalion suggested, they're songs with the same time signature of tango beat. A great tango is Debelah Morgan's Dance with Me.

That's got a strong tango beat, but doesn't sound much like a traditional tango. Similarly, a lot of the techno tango, such as Tanghetto's groovy stuff, is sooooo funky and hardly the kind of thing you'd expect to hear floating from a milonga, but it's fantastic to tango to.

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