What should I look for in AT shoes?


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CiF is definitely my preference, though I have one pair of Traspie's that I wear alot (lower heel and very comfortable) but I think that was a bit of a lucky shot. The only thing I could wish for with CiF is more padding in the ball of foot. I'm just not sure anyone was really meant to do Chacarera in Tango shoes! :)
Hi all! I am new to this forum, so I wasn't quite sure if I should begin a new thread or not, but I decided to post to this thread anyway since it's related.

I would like to order a pair of Victorio tango shoes (http://www.victoriotangoshoes.com.ar/). However, I've never ordered anything over the internet before so I was wondering how safe it is. Am I going to receive my shoes or not? Has anyone ordered Victorio's before? My questions might seem silly for someone who's already ordered plenty of times, but for me it seems kind of strange to order shoes via email...How would I know if and when they're going to get here? Please forgive my ignorance...

Thanks in advance for any opinions&help!:)

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