what song is it

Whats the name off the song were in the video there is a little boy
dancing with a grown girl in a cafeteria, then the little boys boss get angry
and slaps him.

The song is in portuguese i think.


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Hi alex79. Welcome. :D

I'm assuming you're talking about an Argentine tango, since this post is in the tango forum. :?: Also, is it a video that's broadcast on TV (like a music video station?) Have you seen it in the US or some other country?

I guess I'm just asking for a little more info, to give people pointers on how to figure out the song you're looking for. 8) :)
I am not shore if it`s tango they dance on the video
but it was a big hit 10-15 years ago,
and they showed the music video constantly on Mtv when it was fresh.
The woman who sings is dark brazilian,
They Dance on a cafeteria in a beach.
I just need the name of the song or the band so i can download it
from bearshare


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The description (boy dancing with a taller girl...brazilian atmosphere...big hit 15 years ago) reminds me of the "lambada" !
15 years ago, A.T was not very popular worldwide.

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