What to do if you lose a toe nail

I have occasionally lost toenails, always from my shoes. If a strap from the shoe rubs on the cuticle of my little toe (my nail bed on that toe faces slightly to the outside, so this happens often with strappy latin shoes), the nail can come lose and fall off.

Just sort fell out of its own accord - doesn't hurt. Feels weird for a few days, but nothing major. Always grew in normal.
DH, the nurse, said to let it go...does not recommend putting glue on because you could get "stuff" (I'm presuming bacteria type stuff) there and could lead to infection.
Has your dh the nurse forgotten that crazy glue was actually invented as a medical field dressing??? Why do you think it glues skin together so well?


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BM, mostly I just wait and when it is ready to rip off it will, anytime before that and it HURTS. It grows back normal, don't worry. I have occassionally used superglue to put it down to wait it out. I suppose it could get infected, but it never has.

I think it happens from my dance shoes, not the students. I can't ever recall it happening in my life before I started dancing.
Thanks, Larinda, duly noted. I did end up supergluing the nails. Hopefully they'll survive through Yankee, Manhattan, and a couple of other performances!


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Do the toes hurt? Did they bleed? If not, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I had my partner step on my big toe, which created a big split across in the middle. I freaked out and posted about it, too. Becuase it was right before the National, I saw a podistrist. He examined it and told me that the split was only on the top layer and the nail bed was intact. He told me that I did not need to do anything to protect my toe and keep dancing. But I think he did not know what ballroom dance could do to our feet, so I kept my toe covered with bandaid all the time until the split grew out and fell off. Everyhting turned out Ok.


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I heard it can happen if your shoes are too small, I dont like loose shoes but if you are dancing alot (including the Practice) you may need to alter shoes from tight to looser to take the pressue off.
The other night I was practicing NY's and managed to really nailed my big toe with the heel of my other foot and ended up ripping my nail up back about a cm. As I was taping up my toe I remember thinking "Thank goodness I'm a guy and have closed toe shoes." I must say I've got nothing but respect for all the ladies in rhythm and latin that are out there with open toe shoes. If I had to do that I think I would have lost a few toenails by now.


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Just reading through these posts and am comforted to hear that many of you have lost nails in the past and had them grow back as normal. I had always thought that once you completely lost it, that was it, and it would never grow back. I just lost one tonight for no apparent reason at all. Glad to know I won't be toenail-less forever!


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NP stepped on my toe in Maryland, forgetting that I do not know the silver FT, during a combined scholarship...and I have consequently lost that toenail...it looks like I MIGHT get it back but, if not, for comps, I have a friend who lost one permanently who has her nail tail(edit....nail tech) make one for her
While in recovery some relief may be achieved using those thin gel finger/toe "sleeves" sold at places like CVS, Walgreens, etc. Would only work in a closed toe shoe situation but they can help alleviate some of the pressure from the shoe pressing against the toe, especially the first few days. Because of the design they stay on much better than bandaids.


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:shock: *shudder at the thought of then REMOVING the duct tape*
Lost a big toenail when I was a kid, and it was misery. When that last little bit finally came off, it hurt like he77 and bled like crazy.


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heh, never actually lost a nail that I can remember. Used duct tape to tpae up all kinds of injuries on feet when I was regularly kneeboarding though. :)


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This little pig broke his leg dancing.
This little pig got stuck in a lift.
This little pig had a big cake.
This little pig lost his toe-nails.
This little pig cried "use duct tape"
All the way to the hospital. :D


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I bite my finger nails and if I leave them it takes about 3 - 4 weeks to grow back.

It's to a level my sister catergorises them as 'eeew', 'disgusting creature', 'throw up' to give you an idea... although I'm no where near as bad as I used to be...


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Recently lost a left big toe nail. Luckily the nail was stayed until the new nail grew in a half size of the old one. So the old one actually covered the new nail and protected it. It sounds very gross and indeed it was gross. lol.:lol: Sorry I gross you out in the morning. Finally, it came off a week ago and since then I have started to put band-aid on the big toe because it has a pad inside and I will not have a pain when I remove it. But, it looks still gross. :lol:

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