What to Wear at CW Competition

I am excited about spectating at Peach State this weekend (my very first CW Competition) and was wondering what I should wear. I've been to many Ballroom Competitions and know they can be very dressy so what is appropriate here? I appreciate any suggestions.

The country comps are like the ballroom comps, maybe a little less dressy at night. Wear something comfortable and warm.

If you're competing wear the same costumes as ballroom...just with boots:eek:
Country Competitions are very casual. You see everything from Jeans / tee shirts to warm up wear and slacks / polo combination. Judges and MCs tend to dress nicer than the spectators.

On Friday or Sat night, especially Sat night shows lots of people dress "up" but "up" is casual dressy. Nice sparkly blouse and slacks for a lady. Think a really nice dance club and you'll be fine.

Wear what you like and bring a light jacket. The ballrooms are kept *cold*. You'll feel fine if your dancing, but if you sit for a while you'll want a light jacket or sweater to toss on.


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