What type of dog are you?

I'm curious... based on seeing a lot of them around, is there a real trend for "portable" dogs amongst dancers, or does it just look that way because no one brings their Irish wolfound to the studio?


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Larinda McRaven said:
Are you kidding, my CKCS is the epitome of cute!

I am a Fox Terrier, by the way.
ACK! I knew I shouldn't have said that!!

The dog they showed me on the website had a very smashed face,
like a Pekeinese.

YOUR doggie is VERY cute!!

:oops: :doh:

:kissme: Kisses, cute wittle doggie!

Will you ever forgive me, Larinda?

Larinda McRaven

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chachachacat, you must be a very gentle loving person to be honored with the distinguished title of King Charles Spaniel! I could never think bad of you!

Chris, once you get in the "doggie club" at the competitions you start to realize that almost everyone brings their dogs! Most of them stay hidden in the rooms though!
I'm an Italian Greyhound. I think they're very pretty, but a little too fragile--I'd be afraid I'd hurt it if I played with it.

I didn't get to be a Giant Schnauzer! :( And I was always told that my dog looks like me...and I always responded that it's definitely a compliment, but I'm not sure if it was for me or for the dog... :lol:

Now that's a mouthfull.

edit: that's not a kooikerhondje as my avatar, it's a west highland white terrier, i owned one growing up and think it's funny that i know consider myself a westie due to WCS.


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Appenzeller Sennenhund (Appenzell Mountain Dog)

Switzerland. One of the four Swiss Mtn Dogs, it is a descendent of the Mossus breeds stock that travelled with Caesar's legions to guard stock and encampments. It was used extensively as a herding dog and to haul carts of produce to market.

Tough, sober, brave, intelligent, and lively, the Appenzell usually gets along well with other dogs and is loyal to the whole family but tends to bond closely with one person. The Appenzell is a noisy, extroverted dog that loves the freedom of open spaces and thus is not adapted to living indoors.

(Does this mean I'm in the doghouse again?)


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Spain. This breed has been knows on the island of Ibiza for more than 3,000 years where i has been bred pure for centuries. Like the Pharaoh Hound, it is a descendant of the hunting dogs kept by the ancient Egyptians. Brought to Balearic Isles by Phoenician and Carthaginian immigrants, this breed still strongly resembles their ancestors depicted in Egyptian drawings.

A noble looking animal with a kindly nature. It is also extremely sensitive with acute hearing and must never be shouted at. Good with children; rarely fights and responds to kind treament.

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