What type of dog are you?


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Is everyone just deciding who they based on the breeds they know and love, or is there a quiz/site people are using for this?


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There used to be a link, back when Temptress Too started the thread several years ago. She used to find the most interesting online doodads and quizzes. I wonder how she is.She hasn't been seen in these parts in a year? Two? And even that was after along absence. IIRC, she quit dancing for a while, to raise a family.

This thread reminds me of the scene in When Harry Met Sally after they sleep together and Harry gets cold feet, but they still have to be in their friends' wedding together, as best man and maid of honor.

Who is supposed to be the dog here? I am not the dog. YOU are the dog.

What a hoot.

And just for the record, I am not a dog. :D
Intelligent, Loyal and Dependable, Responsive, Fun-loving, Takes charge if no one else does, Stubborn, Highly Energetic, Spiteful, Demanding, Good with Children, A good Watch Dog, Strong Willed, Bossy, A Good Friend, Very Devoted to its Family, Mischievous, Very Sensitive

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