What's the sexiest dance?


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Hi eviane and welcome to DF!

I know nothing about cumbia. What is it?

People say tango is so sexy. I can not understand why. OK I am a tango n00b but... sensual, OK I can buy that. Maybe. But sexy?
I dance mostly Salsa these days, but classically trained in others. I got hooked on Salsa, but I always wanted to learn AT, especially after the inspiration of "Forever Tango." What an amazing group of dancers! In my opinion, sexy is what sexy does. Although, certain dances does ooze sexiness or sensuality like AT, Salsa & others. But, from a spectators point of view. Argentine Tango is on top of the list with some others previously mentioned. Salsa is a really sexy dance when it's done to slower music and dancers are more lyrical. But, lately, newer forms of Salsa are taking over and the music is fast. It's turned much into a speed and skills test, now. The sexiness is someone lost and more technique and showmanship is added into it.


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eviane said:
hmm doesn't anyone think that cumbia is the sexiest dance?? i almost die everytime cus i just love the rythm so much...
I too enjoy the music of cumbia and fooro as well eviane. And welcome to df! :)
@blue and sagitta:

thank you!
cumbia was first brought to colombia by the africans, but since then it has spread throughout south-america.. it's a pretty trendy rythm i'd say, i know a colombian girl who says that it's the south-american hip hop.
it's quite a slow rythm compared to salsa and merengue.. hm i can give you some names of songs for you to download:
Kumbia Kings - Fuego
Pibes Chorros - Mabel
well these are 2 examples of what i found when i typed in ''cumbia'' in my kazaa. tell me if you like it!
but i've been to parties, and heard much more 'modern' cumbia.. but i haven't been able to find out what they're called.. and i have no idea about which cumbia songs are ''new'' or which ones are being played now in discos since i don't live in south-america... can anyone help?? i'd be grateful!

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